Friday, 27 February 2015

Yet another steering wheel

I have tried several steering wheels on the J15 and none so far, has satisfied my desire for handling. The rake of the J15 aero screen means only a small diameter wheel will fit my car.

I spotted a 260mm Racetech for sale on Locostbuilders (yellowcab) that has a nice sued leather covering making it very comfortable to handle. The last one I tried of that size had a D shaped and I did not like that at all.

Of course the Racetech  would not fit the 70mm PCD 6 x 70mm existing mounting so a plan was hatched. I took a 2" x 82mm long billet of aluminium bar and cut it on the lathe and CNC mill.

I bored the centre thru at 30mm followed by a hollowing out of the centre to 50mm, this lightened the adapter. Then placed in CNC mill to pop the holes at the 60deg and 120 deg PCD's. The steering wheel has a 50mm PCD and the boss a 70mm PCD. The screws attaching it to the boss are down a 45mm countersink hole. I do believe you can fit any steering wheel to any car with a lump of aluminium and a plan.

Here is the result:
Billet with centre hole and Racetech mounting note c/s holes

Wheel mounted on billet

70mm PCD x 6 fixings

On the car

Only time will tell if this is the last incarnation.


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