Thursday, 11 December 2014

Year two summary

I have had a wonderful summer going to every available track day with either the Westfield or the Sylva but mostly with the Westfield. The Westfield is more of raw track car. However the Sylva has had problems left over from the initial build that can only be fully explored on a track. It is the engineering of the car into a better state that keeps my interest going forward. The Sylva was reliable enough early in the year to go to Stoneleigh and Applecross total distances of 1500 - 2000 miles.

After the above trips the problems summarised were:

* Inadequate protection from the roll-over-bar.
* Throttle response giving unpredictable engine braking.
* Engine mounts that wanted to destroy themselves.
* Brake effectiveness was poor.
* Complaints from track marshals about fuel spillage from my tank overflow pipe.
*  Handling was poor going into and out of the hairpins (it scared me!).

If you follow the previous blog entries you will see that I have addressed all of these issues. Although I have spend most of my efforts this year on the Westfield I have spent a considerable amount of time recently on the Sylva. I was able to confidently drive around Kames lately and I think these videos summarises the progress better than words.


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