Wednesday, 12 June 2013

MoT before IVA

MoT before IVA

I have the 14th June 2013 booked for the IVA inspection, in an attempt to check as much out as possible before the men from the ministry do their worst I decided to do an MoT first. Apparently you can do an MoT on an unregistered car provided it has a VIN number. Paul AS from the Locost forum gave me the lead on this. Potentially the following advantages are obtained taking it to a MoT station especially if the MoT man is as helpful as Colin at Regent Motors:

* Brake efficiency and handbrake balance
* Headlight alignment
* Emissions
* Wheel alignment (Not part of MoT)
* Safety check and comment on the build
* Lighting compliance check

In fact this was the second time at the MoT station the first time the following faults were found on a pre MoT inspection.

* Emissions were too high (Lambda %)
* Breaking efficiency poor
* Leaking offside rear calliper flexible hose
* Steering excessive play
* Advisory poor focus on headlamps due to fogging up of glass in the headlamps (it was a wet day).

I the interim I made an attempt to better seal the exhaust manifold, bedded in the brakes by use on private roads, replaced the rear flexible hoses, and replaced the UJ's on the steering.

The new MoT test revealed the fogging up problem still persisted but all the other issues were resolved. The emissions were apparently still too high. Colin was not taking into account the engine was from a donor vehicle 15 Years old in design terms. A pass certificate was issued after discussions with VOSA and a retest of the emissions. On return from the MoT the headlamp lenses were cleaned from the inside finally curing the fogging up issue and a spanner check was done on all the suspension bolts. Only two more days to go for the IVA inspection.

Colin at Regent Motors


Regent Motors MoT garage and helpful service.

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