Thursday, 9 May 2013

Revisit the rear brake banjo clearance

Revisit the rear brake banjo clearance

I have been aware for some time that the clearance between the rear calliper banjo and the drive shaft boot was not enough. I was prepared to submit it for the IVA test with 2.5mm (NS) and 3.5mm (OS) basically because I had run out of ideas on how to fix it. While waiting for an IVA date nickm raised a thread about this issues and can be found at:

The rear calliper is a low cost light weight part from the VW Passat parts bin it has been remanufactured for Rally Design under the Hydra OEM handbrake calliper description. The issue is that to use this calliper you need the original low profile VW banjo. The banjo supplied by RD with the calliper is 12mm thick with a 12mm x 1mm  bolt and seals.

With much chewing of fat with the current  Locost J15 builders I found a manufacturer of a compatible banjo 9mm thick called HEL and a supplier called hosesolutions that will make any hose you like if you supply the specification (assuming they have the ends). In this case they have a low profile 12mm x 9mm banjo (probably from a motor bike).

My specification is as follows:

* Length including fittings 320mm
* 12mm x 9mm (thick) banjo
* 3/8" x 24 unf bulkhead male convex
* VW Passat rear calliper compatible banjo bolts and seals M12 x 1mm

The part was delivered in 24hrs and the quality is so good I want the others changed after IVA.

In summary I now have 7.5 -8.5 mm clearance between the drive shaft boot and the banjo bolt.

RD vs HEL part

HEL part with modified banjo bolt



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