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Uneventful, decided to use 7mm high gloss alloy mesh from ebay. Applied a rubber edging trim to the rough grp bonnet edges and then hold the mesh on with small cable ties.


The driver seat was temporarily installed for some time now however with the looming IVA application I needed to do something about the seat belts apertures as they needed to come through the MK engineering seats at a different location. I am not going to bore you with detail but the apertures have now been moved. This was the last really difficult problem to solve in the build.

Wheel centres

The wheels are from a Ford Mondeo Verona and the wheel centres have an indent for an oval Ford badge which thanks to Keyfactors on line provided me with a SYLVA badge with the same dimensions. Keyfactors was chosen as they accepted my jpg artwork as I wanted to keep the lettering font consistent with the bonnet badge.

GRP central tub

This area has been a problem for some time as you have to cut the central tub to allow space for the roll bar. It is not easy to finish off so I cut some small grp filler panels and sealed it all with flame red Silicone. I also found some piping from a Dax Cobra supplier on ebay that supplied the trim for the outer perimeter sharp edge.

Cockpit panels

On all the alloy panels I used cbs 4.5 x 25mm piping, glued it to one half and then either riveted/rivnut the panel to the frame. It gives a pleasing finish to a difficult but necessary area of the build.


I purchased the harnesses from Prima Motor Sport, they are a very helpful company and market the FIA compliant harnesses under the Titon label. Unfortunately the J15 central tub is smaller than a 7 style car and this makes the belts smaller. I have the same seats in my Westfield and I did not come across this problem. I had 2-3" removed from the straps and I had to get anchor plates instead of compact hooks. The chap at Prima was really helpful and quick at making the changes. These harnesses are also IVA compliant and a good statement to this effect on their web page.


There is still a large snagging sheet, IVA application has gone in no date yet. I am doing a dummy run at the MoT station next week.


Keyfactors badges and emblems:
Prima Motorsport:
Dax trim:


Test run:

Wheel centre trim




GRP seat fitting


Black piping


Centre tub trim panel

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