Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Catches and trim panels

Catches and trim panels

The Sylva has some very large tubs front and back, one to enclose the front suspension and the other to enclose the engine. Much trouble was taken to fit these as the dimensions like most GRP mouldings is not perfect so some fettling was necessary. I found some Triumph TR2 bonnet cone rubbers on ebay that helped align the tubs when closing. I used Aero catches to secure the tubs. I think the Aero catches are a well designed product in terms of IVA compliance even if they are lacking a bit of robustness.

I set aside a day for fitting the catches and even that overran, the precision required demands lots of time. A significant amount of time was spent deciding exactly where to put the attachment brackets below the catches. You need about 75mm of free space although 60 mm (I think) is the minimum if you chop down the rubber part.

I also made up most of the internal panel work, two cover pates at elbow level and two closing plates behind the seats. I also put two inspection panels in there to provide some storage on a long run.

Also changed the bezzel colour of the gauges to silver from black.

Protective film removed
Offside trim panels
Front Aero catches
Rear Areo catches
Front Areo catch bracket
Rear Aero catch bracket
All I need now is the exhaust fitted properly so I can test the brakes.



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