Sunday, 16 June 2013

The dreaded IVA

The dreaded IVA

Well I met the IVA man (Alan), I have to say  he was very fair, the test took about two hours for my test the maximum is 6hrs. One of the first items was the Emissions and I failed at the first hurdle. The Lambda ratio was too high. If you want to understand more read:

Basically I am producing more Oxygen versus un-burnt fuel thus potentially overheating the CAT. The system is closed loop so I have to investigate what the Oxygen sensor is reading versus what the ECU is doing in response. There is a product called a Lambda Tester that I need to investigate as it may give me a diagnostic tool in this case. The ideal Lambda ratio is 1:1 and the limit set is 1.03 and my car is producing 1.06. The reported most likely cause of such a problem is a minor leak in the exhaust system. I suspect the exhaust manifold gasket, proving it may be another matter.

Here are some pictures of the days events and the Lambda was the only fail:

Brake Test

Further discussion Lambda reading

Mirror and handling tests


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