Saturday, 26 January 2013

The foot brake final assembly

The foot brake final assembly

The Sylva J15 has two separate master cylinders and a balance bar. The shape of the bonnet is such that the location of brake reservoir needs to be behind the tank next to the bulkhead otherwise you cannot get sufficient head of fluid (in my opinion). In my case this was a real challenge as my custom tank leaves very little room for the smallest of reservoirs that I could find.

There is also the favourite issue with the balance bar, in that it needs to be wired and an appropriate warning label added.The threads on the balance bar are M11 x 1.25, as it turns out I have a tap and dye for that size so I made some special nuts out of hex bar with locking holes in each hex corner and a turned down bit to lock the bar (see images). I do not claim originality here but I am pleased with the result. It was another item I was not confident about solving elegantly.

I did expect trouble with the RD Euroqip flexible brake pipes, as I had some trouble with the one on the clutch line leaking due to a shard of the ss outer getting into the olive, but this time all eight connectors worked first time. The only leak I had was a poor silver solder job on the lines I made up for the reservoir.

I did have trouble getting the air out of the system, despite my wife's best efforts on the brake pedal. I used my Easybleed and got the air out. I hate using the Easybleed as I find it difficult to control the mess with all that fluid around.

All i need to do now is adjust the balance bar and wire the lock nuts. the images showing the locking wire are for demonstration purposes should the IVA man need convincing.



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