Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The drive shafts and rolling chassis test

The drive shafts and rolling chassis test

I decided to use a company called CPS Drivelink to modify my drive shafts. The chap called Paul Sowerby is very knowledgeable. He proposed to friction weld the shafts using compatible materials. I did consider getting them remade by a chap Jeremy recommended but I got cold feet and decided to use Drivelink one stop refurbishing service and the parts would be ready to go on the car once returned from them.

I found the process of preparing to send them away quite stressful, I was told by Paul to cut and shut them by tack welding after removing a bit in the middle of each shaft and then trying them on the car. Even if I got it wrong he said, as long as long as I told him the error from what I was sending him +/- mm.  I devised a method of measuring the amount (30mm and 40mm) to initially remove the middle sections (see image). I then made up two mild steel sleeves and tack welded the whole lot together again. After I tried them in the car I appended a note to indicate there was no error.

The modified shafts were done within a week including transport, the finished shafts are now in the car and you cannot tell where they have been welded. A test drive of the rolling chassis was now in order. Before doing that I had to connect the clutch hydraulics, another stressful episode as the flexible hose leaked of course. I also had the slave cylinder, flywheel and lightweight clutch assembly replaced earlier in the year so was not 100% confident the cluch actually worked.

Anyway the test drive was a great success despite the only brakes I had was the handbrake.

The engine appeared to run too hot but that was a red herring as the temperature gauge is totally inaccurate for some reason. I checked it with a Laser/IR external device and the temperature is fine 80deg and steady.

Many thanks to my friend Angus for helping with the clutch bleeding and video record.


Video http://youtu.be/gv1rk9z7mhQ

Contents http://sylvabuild.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/sylva-j15-is-kit-car-designed-by-jeremy.html

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