Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Front wheel hub spigot rings

Front wheel hub spigot rings

The front hubs as supplied in my kit are an alloy assembly originally intended for a Caterham (formerly a Triumph Spitfire upright). They do not have Ford 108PCD spigot rings despite the correct Ford 108 stud pattern. Now some readers at this point may not know what I am banging on about.

Here is a quote from AUTO

"What are Spigot Rings and why do I need them?
Spigot Rings (Centre Rings) are used to ensure that an alloy wheel is correctly centred on to the hub of the vehicle. If an alloy wheel is fitted without spigot rings it will probably cause the wheel to vibrate, make it almost impossible to balance, increase uneven tyre wear and in time will work the fixings loose. So, fitting wheels without spigot rings can be very dangerous."

The hubs do have a ring that is 2.6mm high and 58.5mm in diameter. The Ford 108PCD spigot ring is 63mm in diameter and approx 10mm high. I therefore decided to make an alloy adaptor made out of a concentric wheel spacer similar to a DemonTweeks part see reference below.

I managed to get a pair from ebay second hand 10mm thick. These spacers assume there is a spigot ring in place already on your wheel hub and you are placing the spacer on top of the existing ring maintaining concentricity. By turning off 5mm from the inside of the spacer I effectively made a 5mm spacer without the starting camphor provided. I then turned a ring out of 63mm bar that matched the 58mm ring on the inside and the 63mm hole in the wheel spacer. I now have concentric spigot rings on both front hubs. I also have 5mm x 2 extra wheel width at the front. It appears the studs have plenty capacity for the 5mm spacer.

Excessive attention to detail, I don't think so. What do you think?


Concentric wheel spacer example:



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