Friday, 16 November 2012

The internal panels and floor

The internal panels and floor

The build manual dictates 1mm alloy on the sides and 1.5mm on the floor and foot well bulkheads. The sides are riveted every 50mm and the floor every 40mm all with 4mm alloy type. I used the sealed variety on the floor and exposed areas  and black anodised ones for the sides. and back. I decided to cover all the panels with carbon effect Vinyl.

The passenger foot well I used 2mm tread plate as this doubles as access to the fuel pump.

At this point I discovered a problem with the passenger GRP seat fouling the seat belt anchor at the tunnel. The seats are from MK Sports Cars and are a peculiar asymmetric design such that they have different fitting arrangements passenger and driver side. I will have to investigate this issue further. If necessary I will cut a lump out of the seat.

The rivets count is as follows:

Black headed
Near side outer      50
Near side tunnel    57
Back                      53
Far side tunnel      66
Far side outer        50
Back                      53
Tunnel back          24
Total                    353
Floor                  200
Near foot well       40
Far foot well         40
Total                  280

Total at this stage 633

This in my opinion would have taken a long time with a hand riveter so I bought a Chinese copy of an air riveter. It turned out to be a piece of crap jamming about every 5th rivet. At least it was consistent and was good at getting into corners despite it's apparent bulk. I have never had much luck with riveters they appear all prone to jamming. I got supper fast at releasing the jammed tails.

There is probably about another 100 or so more rivets in the build. I must find someone I don't like to give that riveter to when I am finished the build.


* Build up the suspension front and rear
* Connect up the brakes
* Inset the refreshed engine into the build
* Try to start the engine

The carbon effect vinyl is not universally popular but I think it is better than bare alloy panels and does sort of match the dashboard.

I tried the driving position and it is fabulous, worth all the work, pity about the passenger better be a small person!!!



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