Thursday, 22 November 2012

Front suspension and brake assembly

Front suspension and brake assembly

After doing the 4pot Willwood conversion to the Triumph (Caterham) upright earlier in the year it is time to put it all together. The only deviation from design was the rack track rod end extensions. I ordered what I thought were the correct part (rally design  DAR006). When I tried the rack (M2 Escort) the steering geometry towed in excessively but when I added the RD part at minimum adjustment I had excessive tow out. I had a look at the RD part that interfaced with the rack, the last 10mm M14 thread  had been omitted. I ran a bottoming tap down it and all is now well. I still only have  2 turns of adjustment ether end but I recon that is adequate. The usual adjustment is a tad of tow in so the two turns either side will reduce only slightly.

I had endless debate on the Locost forum about providing a locking device for the Hydraulic T at the front and rear. I eventually took a 6mm steel plate, a 6mm bolt, cut the head off the bolt and welded it to the plate after drilling and countersinking the hole.

The brakes are American standard so are the master cylinders  so I used all unf fittings and 3/16 pipe.

I am using the Euroquip flexibles as supplied by RD, unfortunately I ordered one of the parts incorrectly. Hope you have better luck than me!

The pipe  is a Nickle Copper alloy called Kunifer which is much more vibration resistant. It does not work harden to the same extent as copper.

Hopefully my pipe attachments to the chassis will please the IVA man but you can never tell.



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