Monday, 11 May 2015

Corner weights

 I have been concerned about the corner weights since a) running into the Kombi and b) Breaking a NS upper wishbone (on a speed bump I suspect). I have just done the Westfield Megabusa track car so it is now time for the J15.  There is a very good on line spread sheet and explanation of how to set up your car at:

There is also a very good Excel spread sheet by Nick Warinner of that I copied and modified to add the cross weight calculation information recommended in the above advisory site.

Cross weight = (Right Front + Left Rear)/Total weight.

I also purchased a set of Proform Bluetooth corner weight measuring pads from ebay tegiwaimports these are a budget product but works well and is easy to use.

Here are the results, you will have to open the image by double clicking it.
In summary I did the following.
1) Ensure the tyres are all the same pressure
2) The suspension height front and back are correct. In my case the lower front wishbones are horizontal and the front to back was 20mm
3) Adjust all the spring lengths FL = FR and RL = RR as a good starting point.

Before adjustment

After adjustment no driver

With driver

In summary I can see no issues with the suspension, the initial setup was done with a ruler and gives acceptable results only 1% out. The key issue is confidence the car is right.

Like the Busa I cannot see the advantage in my car of biasing it to handle with the driver only as it only makes a 0.3% difference. It means the handling is optimal with a passenger also depending on weight.


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