Friday, 17 April 2015

Damaged rear tub

Bad day yesterday (16th April 2015), should have stayed in bed, the handbrake failed to grip on the hill and the J15 ploughed into my (new to me) VW Kombi. The damage to both vehicles was fairly extensive. The tailgate (large rear single door) on the Kombi needs the expertise of a body shop work. The damage to the bumper fixings and steps I managed to sort out myself. The J15 had at least 4 holes in the rear tub, bent  the hinge assembly and the fog light was ripped off. I have shown the GRP layer after removing the worst of the damage with a grinder so you can see the real extent of it.

GRP layers delaminated

More delamination near Fog light

damage extended from large hole

GRP repaired fairly quickly and the Gel coat applied by brush

First  gel  coat sanded down, GRP showing thru in a couple of places Not bad so far!

GRP showing thru on curved edge

Wax additive

I went to get some more gel coat from my friendly supplier in Rutherglen, he tells me there is a wax that you can add to the gel coat during the mixing process. I found this article on the matter:

And it works......
The wax allows far better setting times without the use of packing tape or cling film to exclude the air.


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