Wednesday, 10 October 2012



The handbrake should have been one of the easier jobs on this kit, however due to a decision earlier in the build to add GRP seats the route for the handbrake cable is obstructed by the passenger seat runner.

Other problems

* The handbrake leaver as supplied fouls the dashboard.
* There is no warning lamp micro switch
* The handbrake needs to be compatible with the prefitted bracket in the engine bay and Hydra OEM callipers as recommended.

It was decided to purchase a kit for the rear cables as supplied by Motorsport-Tools + a balance bar for load sharing of the handbrake force.

I made a number of items on the lathe/mill.
1) - Device to adapt a handbrake cable from the lever to the balance bar made out of hex brass.
 and a bracket to shift the mechanism below floor level. The original design ran inside the passenger seat.

2) Adaptor connecting up the handbrake cable to the leaver and allowing the cable to be serviced/removed.

3) - A method of turning the cable thru 90deg.

4) A bracket for aligning the front cable to the wheel calliper cables

5) - A load sharing clevis assembly to connect up the handbrake while allowing c able replacement without removing the floor bracket.

6) An adaptor bracket to shift the cable terminations below floor level.

7) Test cables to try out the strength of all this and if it actually works

Now why did I put in those GRP seats?



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