Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Dashboard final fit

Dashboard final fit

The dashboard is one of the parts of the build that needs to be right. I feel if you have a tacky dash then it lets the car down big time it also has the potential to give the IVA man a very bad impression. The big issue with fitting the dash is you are on your own in terms of attachment recommendations. I decided to attach the dash in 5 areas to avoid a rattly car in the future. I will probably use some sealer on the top edge, to help with the latter once the car is well and truly finished.

1) Either side of the dash using the switch/closing panel as a fixing.
2) The steering column using a specially machined bracket out of 8mm alloy extrusion.
 3) Behind the 12v Power point using the knurled fixing to attach the dash.
4) Two brackets mid way along the dash, one next to the rev counter the other to the nearside.

A number of the midway brackets were bonded to the dash using Polyurathane adhesive.

I used a Playskool preformed carbon fibre effect dash overlay.

Midway bracket rev counter

Carbon effect overlay
Offside mountings 2 places
Neerside fixings 2 places

Midway bracket behind 12v outlet

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