Saturday, 28 July 2012

Solving the Fuel Gauge

Fuel system linearizer

The tank shape derived to gain extra foot well space for the passenger is not without it's problems. It is decidedly non linear when it comes to attaching a fuel gauge.

The results adequately show the inverted "L" in terms of linearity. As the tank is filled the resistance reduces linearly until 13Litres or 50% then the resistance changes slope making the last 50% equal to about a quarter of the change in resistance. So in practical terms when the gauge says 3/4 full it is only actually 1/2 full. Not very nice!

I invented a little box that corrects the above problem. If you are interested in the solution, I have added a link for the technically minded:



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  1. Dear friend, you have the wiring diagram of Breadboard Fuel Gauge? I'm having the same problem with my gauge. Thank you.