Saturday, 5 May 2012

Chassis welded and ready for painting

The chassis now delivered to Aliblast services for sand blasting and painting with PoR two pack chassis paint. The items that are non-standard are as follows:
* Increased passenger leg room requiring a custom fuel tank (see below) and some metalwork changes to the foot well.
    * GRP racing seat installation requiring mounting lugs to chassis and change of steering position where the column exist the chassis, more forward and lower.
* Mounting lugs for Battery Fuse Box and Offside Fuse Box. This enables the use of VVT ECU from Ford Puma.
    * Mounting lugs for Focus header tank which is a good fit in the J15.
* Add extra steering bush at end of column
    * Mounting points for anti-roll bars.

The fuel tank arrived from Allyfab (Bryn Jones) fabulous job, even sorted my cockup with the return pipe.

    The wiring harness is in production.This involved production of circuit diagram, ecu mapping to Battery fuse box chart and Chassis loom routing chart. All of this information can be sent to you if it is of any use to you.

    Off to Stoneleigh for more bits! There may be a delay before more progress can be reported!

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