Thursday, 15 March 2012

The view from the cockpit

After initial fitting the MK Engineering GRP seats, I decided  to weld fixings to the chassis and tilt the seats a little (20mm at the front) using spacers to enhance the Sylva driving position further for me.

After fitting the steering column I found the steering wheel too close to my lap so I put a dog leg in the top chassis rail to make it 25mm further away. I then put a piece of card in place where the the dashboard is going to end up.
......and here are the results: 

Puma wheel mod1
Sports wheel mod1
I then emailed and phoned Jeremy, we decided the GRP seats gave a lower "bottom" position but the attitude/rake was not the same as the standard kit. He suggested lowering the column.

I duly did this as follows.
The chassis mod 2

The results were much improved. It is now 25mm lower than standard helping position the speedo and rev counter are in a more classic position.

Puma wheel mod 2
Sports wheel mod 2

Further mods to chassis/pedal box:

Revised steering shaft exit point
Revised bracing under column
I have sincce looked at a number of J's dashboards and none of them have an ideal view of the speedo and certainly no better/worse than mine now.
Does anybody know the exact rules about the IVA rules relating to view of the speedo through the wheel?




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