Sunday, 18 March 2012

Summary to date March 2012

Progress - very slow to get project off the ground....

First job I tackled was a redesign of the fuel tank. Well! the new tank design stretched my brain but now the changes to the chassis still have to be incorporated. Apparently you must keep the fuel isolated from the passenger compartment, quite sensible requirement really. The actual welding is a piece of piss but the thinking time is huge.

With the fuel tank itself, I am making a mounting plate for the aircraft style filler next week on my lathe/mill. Need this before I send the cardboard model and drawings to have the whole lot fabricated by Allfab.

The choice of GRP seat has set me back weeks. I chose MK Engineering racing seats, this resulted in all sorts of  problems with the steering column and re-welding of the chassis. This has a big impact on the progress rate.

I am turning my attention to the extension of the Puma steering column lower part. I am not happy with the support (lack of) in it's extended form. I think I am going to add another steering support bearing at the exit point to the rack.

The engine is due back soon, spent way over budget getting more horses out of it. I don't know yet how many horses as I need the car on the rolling road which is a long way off. I am going to do a trial fit of the engine in the chassis before getting the chassis painted. I am still trying to decide where to put the fuse box and the battery?

I am off tomorrow to the Glasgow IVA station with a friend that is trying to get a 2B through. I think this will be invaluable insight into the process.

P.S. This months Kitcar mag has an excellent section on the IVA and a fabulous article by Jeremy on the J15.
Drawing sent to Alifab
P.S. I also have an engineering drawing for the tank.


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