Saturday, 4 February 2012

Wiring the ECU

Armed with the Ford TIS CD I decided to extract the Power Train Control (ECU) wiring from the puma loom and trace the PATS (passive anti-theft system) sensor to the ECU. My understanding is without the PATS system the ECU is a piece of glass. The IVA people like the car to have a immobiliser system in place I don't think it is a mandatory requirement.

You could just take the whole of the Puma wiring/ fuse boxes/loom etc and transfer it to the new kit however the junk that you get in a modern car it would add multiple kilogrammes to the weight and take up monstrous volumes or valuable space in the kit.

I decided to hack out the necessary ECU wiring carefully labelling everything that was not already labelled by the Sitec people. They scrapped the Puma for me removing all the wiring and labelling everything. The one problem with the Ford TIS CD is they do not document the PATS wiring, in the 1997 part diagrams however it is documented in a later model.

There appears to be a problem with the wiring diagrams, a number of the wiring functions are not documented clearly on the TIS CD. A chap in the Locost forum "I predict a Riot" has done all this before and taken notes, he has kindly provided a comprehensive pinout of the ECU and the requirements of each signal. The forum editor "Madinventions..." has also provided a test rig guide.
The Puma looms

One of the fuse boxes
The Ford ECU

Puma fusebox
"Madinventions" test rig


PATS explanation:
ECU pinout:
Wiring diagram: wiring.pdf


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