Saturday, 28 January 2012

Revist the engine tuners

Sitec and the donor

The critical parts stripdown
The purpose of this visit to Sitech was to collect most of the useful parts identified in the Sylva J15 Construction Guide. Prior to the engine removal one of Sitech's people performed compression and blow by tests on the engine. These tests proved the engine was in good shape for a 72K motor. However when the engine was removed a check on the big ends showed some wear on the shells which warranted replacement of the shells only and some homing on the bores to remove a small lip on cylinder No 4. Sitech will now refurbish the engine as previously requested with some additional work on the bottom end.

The next job is to reassemble all the electrical harness parts on the floor back at my workshop. The idea is that when the engine returns I can quickly establish what parts of the original Puma loom are required from the Sylva and what the requirements are for any new additional loom.
The offending shells

The good news is I managed to get a copy of the original Ford Technical Information System CD from ebay (*1). The content of this CD is wonderful, the down side is it will only work on Windows XP or older. I only have a laptop PC that runs that operating system, at least it is portable. I am currently printing out the wiring diagrams in acrobat format and saving them to a memory stick so I can read them on any pc. They print out well in that format also.


(*1) The Ford TIS CD is Ford copyright and was available to me on ebay but the listing was subsequently withdrawn. You would have to get another source or a private copy from one of the Locost members. (


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