Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Uprated upper front wishbones

Over this summer I decided to try out a set of Toyo 195/55/15 888 SG (softs), they were quite difficult to get hold of as they are no longer listed under MSA 1b for 2016 as they are not E marked and the soft version of 888R's are not available yet.

I immediately noticed more grip on hill climbs but unfortunately my offside upper wishbone broke at Kames (in two places). I discussed this with Jeremy but we decided it could be a welding failure so I repaired the faulty bone. Unfortunately, the near side bone failed a few weeks later at Kames. Kames is a fairly primitive track with cobbled areas at the corners, great for sprints but hard on the car with it's tight turns.

Jeremy understands the demands of motorsport so he made me up a set of upper front sprint competition bones.

I have had these out at the 2015 XBC October sprint at Kames and got a time of 99.64s beating two Westfield's in the process with not a hint of cracking. If you are running medium compound tyre then you have nothing to worry about as that is what I ran last year with no problems. The problems uprating the bones is the next weak point may show it's self. I hope no time soon.

The two on the carpet have been uprated


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