Thursday, 9 October 2014

Engine mounts re-design

Back in July 2013 I identified a problem with the stiff engine mounts as supplied by Sylva Autokits. It is a known problem with the Ford Sigma engine when you tune it, with a fast road cam, that will result in a resonance between 2-3000 revs. I successfully turned the right hand (offside) engine mount into a 6mm double rubber and metal sandwich with very little modification. The left had mount I was less successful with as the casting on the engine has very little surface area as it interfaces with the mount. My attempt to fit a 5mm steel plate at the bottom of the sandwich failed due to insufficient clearance with the chassis rail and the bottom of the gearbox.

After the near side failed recently I had a moment of inspiration. I decided to modify the Sylva Autokits mounting to give me adequate clearance for a full sandwich. This involved disassembling the bottom plate (next to the engine casting) with a 1mm cutting disc and removing 12mm from the fabrication and re-welding the bottom plate back on.

Failed sandwich rubber

New mount design note new base plate

Finished sandwich in place

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