Monday, 28 April 2014

Helmet loop

One of the many issues concerning fitting GRP seats in a J15 is the roll-over bar helmet clearance. I took advice about hill climb/sprinting the J15 and the verdict from a track-side scrutiniser was that the helmet clearance to the roll-over bar was insufficient. Apparently for MSA road going class this is a grey area but the advice was "don't do it".

The other issue is the supports for the roll bar have not been installed by me as the rear tub has to be cut. I think the one bar to the rear chassis leg would have less impact on the rear tub.

I recently obtained a special seamless tube from Jeremy bent in a loop to create a helmet loop. I made templates out of plastic ducting left over from the Virgin Broadband install.

I have now welded the loop in place  I got a piece of 37mm high tensile seamless tubing 2mm wall thickness from Blakes Metal Merchants which made up the rear stay.

The rear chassis leg support bracket strength has been enhanced by an extra support to link it to the lower chassis leg.

Creating templates
Welded loop

Chassis leg attachment point
Some chassis paint
Rear stay fitted

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