Monday, 6 January 2014

Headlight covers

One of the key aspects of the J15 is the retro classic look which would not be complete without the headlight covers. I have pondered for at least the last year on how to mount them or weather I would be better off not fitting them at all. The build guide is not a lot of help. One of the forum members suggested fitting with 3 off fixings each side using alloy right angle brackets and rivnuts.

While I agreed with the three fixing approach. I did not want unsightly alloy brackets. I opted for straight brackets made of 5mm thick GRP board (which I had lying about). The board was fashioned into 15mm x 30mm plates with a 5mm rivnut in one end. A slot was then cut into the GRP bonnet (hood) around the extremity where the Plexiglas cover was to attach. To finish them off I mixed up a small quantity of Gel Coat to make them blend in. To make the ss bolts captive I used M4 nylon washers over the M5 thread. If they work loose at least I won't loose the bolt.

GRP board with rivnut fixing

Gel coat added
Finished headlight covers

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