Sunday, 15 December 2013

Towing points

I have not taken the Sylva around a race track however I have taken it around the MSCC Forestburn hill climb track. One of the features missing is front and rear tow points. If nothing else it is fairly essential for getting the car on the trailer on your own.

The rear presented little challenge, I made a steel loop out of 4mm sheet with the plasma cutter. And cut a hole with a Rotabroach (Mag Drill / annular cutter) the appropriate size, enough to leave sufficient strength in the loop.

The front presented a bigger challenge. I needed something that attached to the chassis but avoided fouling the front bonnet/hood while accessing while opening and closing it (refuelling etc).

For the front I obtained a MSA compliant adjustable towing loop that extends beyond the GRP bonnet/hood and clips on to it with a press stud. The adjustable nature of the front tow loop locks in place once bolted to the attachment point.

The attachment points needed MIG welded to the chassis although I am sure a non welded solution is possible. Much time was spent restoring the chassis paint.

This is the second time I have had to attach something to the chassis post build.

4mm cut-outs from Plasma cutter

Front install
Rear Install


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