Friday, 12 July 2013

Road trials

Road trials

Took it out on the road today, taxed, insured, registered. Fitted the aero screen  for better comfort needs more wind deflection. Not fitted side screens as I don't know how to get in to it with them fitted.

Good points

* The road holding and ride quality are very good better than expected.
* The gearbox ratios although not perfect are better than the Westfield getting 40mph in 1st.

Bad points

* Far too much vibration at certain speeds +/- 2500rpm, esp in town in traffic and can be irritating to drive. Vibration maximum at 50Mph in 5th, 30Mph in 4th.
* Engine hunts when moving in traffic. Can promote a kangaroo like response unless you are quick with the clutch. All the web searches indicate a problem with the ICV or PAS over pressure switch.
*  Keep forgetting indicators need a sounder to remind me they are on.
* When fitting the screen the rear view mirror needs relocated. Further brackets etc to be made.
* Needs running lights
* Sharp projections below the steering lock

Mods so far

*  Added cover to bottom of steering lock to remove sharp edges (that should have been a problem at IVA but was overlooked thank goodness).
* I have subsequently checked the PAS switch and indeed it was in the wrong state -  Obviously I have no PAS no kangaroo throttle when wire connected to correct ground.
* Modified the offside and nearside engine mounts and introduced a rubber sandwich. This has had a dramatic effect on the resonance at 2500rpm. It is not perfect but much improved.
* Modified location for rear view mirror
* Added a Cobra sun visor to act as a wind deflector.
* Mapin pizzo buzzer to indicators to stop me signalling permanently.

RVM changes

Engine mount sandwitch

Wind deflector

Proposed nearside sandwich mounts
Nearside sandwich

Revised engine steady


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