Thursday, 19 April 2012

Header tank

The header tank posed more of a problem than envisaged. I put a post on the Locost forum and some very straight forward advice was given as usual. I am not the conventionalist however so I decided to consider the design problem perhaps the solution was not as simple as it seams.

* The header fluid level must be above the thermostat housing (or in this case the temperature sensor as the thermostat is in the return path in a Ford Sigma).
* The rear hood/bonnet slopes away at the back reducing the available height for locating the header tank.
* The air filter is in the top near side in a Sigma as installed in a J15.
* The capacity must be adequate, at least a litre
* It must NOT be mounted on the engine support as vibration could destroy the tank.

The Ford Focus ST MK1 tank is ideal all you need is a support bracket that took 4 hours to fabricate.



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